Partner Program

The MG Technology Group Partner Program

At MG Technology Group, we deliver what we promise. Our partner program is simple, rewarding and designed to be results-oriented. We believe the success of the program is based on the amount of sustained revenue our partners make in conjunction with optimum customer satisfaction. So all you have to do is submit a simple application form designed to help us understand your business and the customers you serve. Join us today and maximize your ability to profit in a way that best suits your business.

Why become our partner?

Higher Margins
With us as your partner, you will make a better margin than with most other service providers. Our goal is to have partners earn a 20% or better margin across all services based on our suggested retail prices.

Increase Service Revenue
Leverage our data centers to provide cloud services to your customers. By eliminating hardware and licensing costs for your customers you can capture more of their IT budget for your services - where you make the most profit.

Retain Your Customer Relationship
We bill you and you bill your client. We legally protect your client relationship to ensure you are in control. By offering your customers choices of how they acquire the technology they need you retain their trust and keep them from looking elsewhere.

Add Recurring Revenue
Our cloud services allow you to build increased business value and predictable income without sacrificing existing revenue streams. Recurring revenue is valued much higher than billable hours. In addition it is easier to create “sticky” customers who will stay with you longer.

Close More Deals
When cloud services are an option, you can offer your customers solutions that won’t increase debt, allowing businesses with limited budgets to get the technology they need.

Focus On Business
We help partners with client business problems and technology guidance. We work with our partners to create “custom” solutions – putting together technology in the way that makes the most sense for the customer.

Customer Service
We provide excellent customer service through personalized service that is unparalleled. Our support is 100% US based and available 24x7, not outsourced outside the country. We have no long-term contracts – partners and customers stay with us because we earn their business not because they are locked in. No user minimums and a wide-variety of solutions to meet your customers needs from one service provider.

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