Windows Server Online

Change the way you think about servers and technology

Windows Server empowers businesses all over the world to save money, add value and increase efficiency across the board. All this is possible through Windows Server's rich capabilities and hundreds of new features, including solutions for virtualization, networking, cloud computing, automation and storage.

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first business server, upgrade your current server environment or expand your infrastructure with a full datacenter, Windows Server offers your organization the reliability of Microsoft technology with the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing. That means you get the power of many servers from one simple, easy-to-use solution that’s designed with your unique needs in mind.

When you invest in solutions and support from MG Technology Group, you get the confidence that comes with world-class technology that's backed by a team of experts who know your business inside and out.

Windows Server Online offers the following benefits:

  • Custom server solutions - no matter what the shape or size of your organization, we can tailor a Windows Server solution to meet your unique needs - including supporting legacy applications on previous versions of Windows Server.
  • Cost-effective infrastructure - Using our cloud servers saves you money, while improving both scalability and performance
  • Anywhere, anytime access - centralized desktops, remote access and other cloud computing solutions enable working on the go
  • Total flexibility - build, deploy, manage, change and upgrade your applications with ease: in the cloud or with a hybrid solution

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